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Cyrix/IBM 6x86 FAQs

(back to Frequently Asked Questions)  Cyrix/IBM 6x86 FAQs

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Cyrix/IBM 6x86.

General Questions

What is the 6x86?

Is the "M1" the same as the 6x86?

What was the the "M1sc"?

What is the difference between the Cyrix and IBM chips?

Did SGS Thomson make 6x86 chips?


Performance Questions

What does the "PR" mean?

What is the actual speed of my "PR" rated processor?

How does the 6x86 match up with other processors?

Where can I get benchmarks on the 6x86?

How well does the 6x86 FPU perform?

Can I benefit from an optimizer, and how can I get an optimizer?


Compatibility Questions

Is there any known software that won't run on the 6x86?

Is there any known hardware that won't run with the 6x86?

Does the 6x86 have MMX?

What if my motherboard doesn't support the 6x86?


Technical Questions

What are the specifications of the 6x86?

Does the 6x86 support multiprocessing?

What are the differences in 6x86 revisions?

How can I tell my 6x86 revision?


Heat Questions

Does the 6x86 have problems with heat?

I get reboots and lockups for no apparent reason, how can I stop them?

What heatsink/fan combinations should I use with the 6x86?


Misc. Questions

What is overclocking, and how can I do it?

How is "6x86" pronounced?


If your question is not answered here, please refer to the "Support" section of the site.

If you would like to see something added to the 6x86 FAQs list, please email