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Site Info

Here is some information on Alternative x86 Central and the author.

Alternative x86 Central is designed and maintained by me, Ian Armstrong, as a service to the alternative x86 processing community and those interested in alternative x86 processors.  The mission of Alternative x86 Central is to inform the public of alternative x86 processors and to provide those who are interested with information.

I am constantly making additions, changes, and other general improvements.  I keep the site up to date with as accurate of information as possible.  When reporting information, I do my best to report it in a fashion which is easy to understand without distorting facts.

Now that you know my focus, you are probably wondering why I am credible.  I am the former webmaster of a site called "The 6x86 Info and Resource Center", which in the least, was a learning experience.  I work at PC Electronics, a local computer shop (proud to only stock Cyrix processors), and WarpNet Internet Services, a local ISP.

I am still a member of the Altcpu-List, and open for questions.   I try to have as much interaction with my audience as possible.  Unlike other webmasters, I consider myself an equal, not above my audience.  I feel interaction is the only way to get anywhere with my site.  Therefore, I actually respond to my email.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or complaints, please send them to  If I do not respond for a few days, don't take it personally, it may just be that I have a lot to do.

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My Configuration:

  • IBM 6x86MX PR300 at 75x3.0
  • PC Chips M570 Motherboard with 1MB L2 Cache
  • 64 MB SDRAM
  • 5.2 GB Maxtor DiamondMax UDMA Hard Drive
  • 32x CD ROM
  • ATI Rage II PCI Video Card
  • Shuttle 3D Soundsystem (Opti-based) Sound Card
  • 3Com USR Sportster x2/V.90 Internal Modem

My Dream/Future Configuration

  • AMD K6-2 400 MHz
  • FIC PA-2013 Motherboard with 1MB L2 Cache
  • 128 MB PC100 SDRAM
  • Faster, smaller UDMA Hard Drive
  • 32x CD ROM
  • Voodoo2 based AGP Video Card
  • Creative SoundBlaster Live!
  • 3Com ISDN Modem

ian_pic.jpg (46200 bytes)

Above is a picture of me around Christmas of 1997.  Yes, that is bleached hair.   When I am not at work at home, I never touch or think about a computer.  I'm not fat with zits, and I do not always talk about computers, therefore I am not a nerd.   :)

band2.jpg (26927 bytes)

Above is a picture of Billy Corgan, the greatest musician in the world.