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Here are the rumors going around the net about alternative processors.   I will add any comments I might have on the subject.

5/31/98-  Cyrix and IBM are not using the 100 MHz bus for their 300 and 333 parts because their may need to be a revision made to the 6x86MX/M II before the 100 MHz bus can be used reliably.  This is just a rumor, but it explains a lot of things.

4/25/98-  AMD is close to sell-off.   According to the rumor, after the current CEO retires, AMD will be split up into three companies.  The division that makes the processors will be sold to IBM Microelectronics.

4/15/98-  Cyrix is planning on making a Super Socket 7 version of the MediaGX.  This is far from being far-fetched.  Whoever made this up didn't know anything about the MediaGX architecture.  The closest they could come is remove everything down to the core, then you would have a Super Socket 7 5x86.

4/2/98-  Cyrix will drop all non-integrated x86 processors in late 1999 (in favor of the MediaGX).  This has been greatly exaggerated from what information is originally released.

3/12/98-  Cyrix will copy the Pentium II and sell it under their own name.   First, I'm not really sure if they DO have the legal grounds to do it, and second, I contacted Cyrix on the subject and they weren't sure if they would ever make a Slot 1 chip, and if they did, it would be based on their design.

2/26/98-  Cyrix will release a PR300, .25 micron 6x86MX by mid-year.   We all hope so, and only time will tell.

2/11/98-  AMD is have problems with a 99% failure rate of .25 micron chips.  This is absolutely false.  The rumor was started by an Intel-sponsored CNet article.

1/12/98-  The Cayenne will not have a Socket 7 version.  This is speculation.  It is highly likely that the Cayenne will find a place in the upcoming Super Socket 7.

12/5/97-  Speculation that the 6x86MX PR233 is built on another core than the other 6x86MX chips because of its very high speed compared to the PR200.  This is untrue, the PR rating on the 233 is compared against a Pentium II 233 instead of the Pentium MMX 233..


If you have heard a rumor, and it seems to have merit, please send it to