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Advertising on Alternative x86 Central

Thanks for you interest in advertising on Alternative x86 Central.   The site will soon recieve hundreds of hits per day.

Alternative x86 Central is perfect for advertisers targeting audiences interested in computers, technology, and hardware in general.  The current rates are as follows:

Banner Size: Area Displayed: Displays: Cost:
468x60 Default and Spotlight Pages 5,000 $100
468x60 Links Default Page 5,000 $90
468x60 Downloads Default Page 5,000 $70
468x60 Developer Corner Default Page 5,000 $30
  Default Page 5,000 $50
  Side Navigation Bar (all pages) 5,000 $300

Banner ads stay in constant rotation and are displayed the number of times paid for.  Other payment plans can be worked out.

Rules for banner display are as follows:

Those rules are very easy to follow.  Here is what is specifically allowed:

As part of your account, you will recieve an account name and password that will let you login to the statistics system, so you can get a good idea of how effective your ad is.  You can submit a new banner at any time and banners can be created for free upon request.

Banners only go into rotation upon the time payment is recieved.   Pre-payment cannot exceed 30,000 displays.  Alternative x86 Central reserves the right to terminate the account at any time for any ligitiment reason.  Refunds will only be given if the account holder terminates the account.

For more information, or to go ahead and set up an account, email


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